101 Ways to Work Out on the Ball: Sculpt Your Ideal Body - download pdf or read online

By Elizabeth Gillies

ISBN-10: 1592330843

ISBN-13: 9781592330843

One zero one упражнение с фитболом. Каждый вид упражнения дан с прогрессией сложности, так что каждый сможет подобрать свой уровень сложности выполнения упражения. В конце книги приведены примеры программ с использованием представленных упражнений. A full-color photographic e-book with a hundred and one varied strikes you are able to do with an workout ball. workout balls are cropping up in gyms worldwide, are offered in locations like Kmart and objective, and have gotten the most recent health craze. the object is, what the heck do you do with the ball as soon as youve received it?

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6. Come back to center and switch sides. 7. Hold for 30 - 60 seconds. Tips: Keep both sides of the body long. Lift your chest, press your palms together, and press your arms away from your body to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise. Chair Target Areas: Hamstrings, upper back, shoulders, quads, hip flexors, core Practical Benefits: Increase range of motion in squats while maintaining core strength in order to improve squats, build lower body strength, and increase endurance in core and lower body while opening the shoulders.

3. Squeeze thigh muscles and press the hips and abdominal muscles into the ground. 4. Without pressing hands into the ground, use the lower body to lift your chest off the ground. 5. Hold for 20 - 45 seconds. Tips: No wrinkles in the back of your neck. You can use your hands to PULL your body forward and create length, but not to push your chest upward. Downward Facing Dog (Downdog) Target Areas: Hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, upper back, calves Practical Benefits: Stretch out the entire back side, open the shoulders to help reduce rotator cuff pain, improve range of motion, and increase shoulder press strength, and increase forearm strength, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

Tips: Maintain a straight line with your torso so that your chest is not puffed out. You want to keep your ribs drawn in towards one another so that your core stays engaged and your chest does not splay out. ) Technique: 1. 2. 3. 4. Feet together or hip-width distant. Bend the knees as much as possible to rest your chest on your thighs. Head and neck relaxed, gaze focused backwards or up at the belly button. Hold for 5 seconds - 1 minute. Tips: Standing forward fold is focused on lengthening the spine.

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