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The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier”: James Dodd wasn’t worried when he didn’t hear from his friend Godfrey for over six months. But when he’s told that Godfrey is taking a cruise around the world, he doesn’t buy it, especially when he sees Godfrey looking in his window at night! This is the first of two stories told by Holmes instead of Watson. ✓ “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane”: In this, the second story told by Holmes, he has retired to a cottage on the Sussex Downs near the coast. ” Holmes finds that the man’s back is covered with what looks like whip marks.

Why must the new governess obey her employer’s strange rules, like wearing a blue dress and cutting her hair? And why must she never go into a certain wing of the house? The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes This is the second collection of Holmes short stories, originally published in 1894 in The Strand Magazine. ✓ “Silver Blaze”: An investigation into a stolen racehorse and a murdered trainer leads to a surprising suspect! ✓ “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”: This story of marital infidelity and murder was considered too racy for the American edition of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and didn’t appear in book form in America until His Last Bow.

Literary inspirations for Holmes For inspiration, Doyle turned to his predecessors in the field. They were Edgar Allan Poe, Émile Gaboriau, and Wilkie Collins. It’s fair to say that Doyle borrowed a little from all three of these writers. Traces of nearly everything Doyle ever read usually found its way into the Holmes stories — newspaper stories, magazine stories, even advertisements — so to find obvious elements of previous detective writers in his writing is no surprise. Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849) was a great American writer, poet, and critic best known for his Gothic tales of mystery and horror.

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