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By Clifford D. Conner

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We know the heritage of technology that we realized from grade tuition textbooks: How Galileo used his telescope to teach that the earth used to be now not the guts of the universe; how Newton divined gravity from the falling apple; how Einstein unlocked the mysteries of time and area with an easy equation. This heritage is made of lengthy sessions of lack of awareness and confusion, punctuated as soon as an age via a super philosopher who places all of it jointly. those few tower over the standard mass of individuals, and within the conventional account, it really is to them that we owe technology in its entirety. This trust is incorrect. A People's historical past of technology exhibits how traditional humans perform growing technological know-how and feature performed so all through heritage. It files how the improvement of technological know-how has affected traditional humans, and the way usual humans perceived that improvement. it'd be fallacious to assert that the formula of quantum thought or the constitution of DNA should be credited on to artisans or peasants, but when smooth technological know-how is likened to a skyscraper, then these twentieth-century triumphs are the delicate filigrees at its top which are supported via the large starting place created via the remainder of us.

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No-one teaches you how to lead, you are left to your own devices and you are entrusted to get a job done. There are numerous management tasks, jobs to tick off checklists, accountability statements and the like, but for me the real challenge is in ‘leading’, not ‘doing’. For example, how do you effectively shift people’s thinking from one place to another, to encourage them to challenge themselves and make changes within their practice? This is an emotive task that is fluid and changing. As a leader, you can experience success and frustration in the same moment.

I had a new enthusiasm about science and I wanted others in my level, the teachers in the Grade 1 and 2 classes, to be excited about science projects too and waited for the first opportunity to do something about it - I didn’t have to wait 48 YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS long. Our level selected a unit on Force and Energy. Now instead of dreading these science lessons my mind was filled with ideas. Our level decided to trial a project in which 4 classroom teachers would rotate through their 4 classrooms giving an immersion lesson.

Over time teachers began to understand that we trusted them and had faith in their capacity to make appropriate decisions about their practice in their classrooms. In turn, they trusted us and were willing to talk and share their ideas and concerns without fear of criticism or judgment. THE ACT OF LISTENING TO NOTICE My experiences and observations as critical friend have reinforced for me the belief that powerful professional learning resides within teacher conversations. However, in my role, listening to words was not enough.

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