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So, one weekend I sat down and formulated the basic problem. The basic mathematical problem as formulated in XXI (Sec. 3) was achieved during this weekend. I remember taking Ledoux to Walworth that Sunday morning and expressing my confidence that the problem could be solved. Later in the day, I thought I had it. I called up Henyey to tell him. But on Monday I realized that I had not in fact got it. However, I had accumulated enough confidence, and by Tuesday I knew how to get the solution. ) With the interpolation problem (F (xα ) = λα F (−xα ), α = 1, .

During November we had a whole train of visitors. Lindblad, Krishnan, then the Shajns. And I had the Gibbs lecture to prepare for. But the routine of getting the H-functions computed for the various problems was getting under way. For Rayleigh scattering, they were completed before the Gibbs lecture. In early January, I wrote the Gibbs lecture and towards the end of January, I began to look further ahead . . (Lalitha was ill during this time). According to the program outlined in Paper XIV (Sec.

I knew that the calculations would be long and complicated. So this was to be a standby for Donna. Meantime, I was thinking of how to get Kolmogoroff’s law out of my theory. Also I began a series of summer seminars on problems relating to the origin of cosmic rays. Don Wentzel was a summer assistant; and both Backus and Siciy were spending the summer at Yerkes at my invitation. During this summer, I thought I had finally resolved the question of deriving Kolmogoroff’s law from my theory. The necessary integrations were carried out and I had the matter settled in my own mind before leaving for Los Alamosf and Guanajato.

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