A Singular Dark Marking on the Sky (1915)(en)(3s) - download pdf or read online

By Barnard E.E.

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As such, associating piracy with theft within anti-piracy discourse serves to reinforce the claim that Western notions of copyright and intellectual property (IP) are somehow universal and enduring. Whereas, a historical examination of copyright "shows that copyright laws are the outcome of a political bargaining process and do not necessarily reflect any unwavering norms or values" (Nill and Giepel2010, 34). With this in mind, the project of an institution such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to produce an international IP system will undoubtedly produce rules and regulations that are devised through such political bargaining.

A reward was even offered by one of the administrators for information that could identify the culprit and so TO NAME A THIEF: CONSTRUCTING THE DEVIANf PIRATE 49 that they might be dealt with appropriately (eBay Discussion, 2009). Again, parallels can be drawn with Marshall's work as one group engaged in illegal distribution (file sharers/tape traders) show contempt for those who prqfit from circulating the very same materials (Marshall2003, 66). Indeed, within the Eastern Legends community there was some discussion of how the transgression should be dealt with.

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A Singular Dark Marking on the Sky (1915)(en)(3s) by Barnard E.E.

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