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By Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

ISBN-10: 0471393312

ISBN-13: 9780471393313

This sequence of volumes represents examine relative to advances in chemical physics. Edited by means of Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine, quantity one hundred fifteen is a unique topical stand-alone two-volume paintings in a sequence.

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Therefore, provided that the initial probability is itself confined to the funnels, P A ( t ) P B ( t ) = 1. Using this equation and the detailed balance condition (k-P? = k _ P k q ) , integration of Eq. 52) There is an analogous equation for PB. 7d to assign 446 minima to the icosahedral funnel and 28 to the fcc funnel. When we calculate the quantity on the left-hand side of Eq. (1S 2 ) at sufficiently low temperature we find that it is linear in time for both fcc and icosahedral funnels, enabling k + + k - to be extracted.

In the disconnectivity graph these minima split into four groups corresponding to the four symmetry-unrelated faces on which the adatom can be located. The splitting occurs because the barriers for rearrangements in which the adatom passes between faces are larger than the barriers for changing the position of the adatom on a face. The second band of minima consists of Mackay icosahedra with two missing vertices and two surface atoms. The lower-lying minima in this band have the two adatoms in contact, either on the same face or bridging an edge.

41) survives, and P(t) i Peq. This limit defines the baseline to which the remaining modes decay exponentially, The size of the contribution of mode j to the evolution of the probability of minimum i depends on component i of eigenvector j , and on the weighted overlap between the initial probability vector and eigenvectorj, that is, the term in square brackets in Eq. 41). The sign of the product of these two quantities determines whether the mode makes an increasing or decreasing contribution with time.

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