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Much of the negative anomaly seems to be due to superficial rather than deep-seated irregularity, which implies that it is not due to deeply penetrative compressional faults. CONCEPT OF VOLCANO-TECTONIC UNDATION IN SELENOLOGY F 51 I Mile FIG. 14. ), K e n y a . Adventive cones and fissure effusion on two oblique median fracture lines are evident: a typical lunar pattern of secondary eruption. This review of the rift valley zone is only introduced here to provide a basis for our analogy. Our immediate concern here is the pattern of faulted terrain, parceled by a network of grid faults into fault blocks with subparallel, often curving boundaries, and its relation to cratering on a large scale, as well as on smaller scales.

In addition, there are systems related to, and localized around, individual maria. These, of which the system radiating from Maria Imbrium is the best known, are referred to as the R l , R2, R3, etc. systems. The lineaments mostly have topographic reflection in positive, ridged features (septa), but subordinate negative, grooved sections (clefts) occur. While it might seem futile to even attempt to explain such systems as the panlunar A, B, C, and D systems in terms of impact, such a last-ditch attempt could be made, following the ideas of Gallant [65], invoking impact-induced crust-mantle CONCEPT OF VOLCANO-TECTONIC UNDATION IN SELENOLOGY 29 slip.

50 G. J. H. MC CALL c c 0) JO CD 2 o o c o g CD 1-flhv Cross-fault /basalt fissure eruption at intersection and in graben ~* Intersecting Grabens Intersecting Grabens , 1 Mile , FIG. 13. T h e structure of the Elmenteita cones, K e n y a (see Fig. 10). Tuff-rings are shown that are affected b y lateral sector grabens following regional fault trends— in the same way as these structures are developed in calderas. hypothesis [76] of compressional rifting. Modern investigations of the rift valley zone have, however, revealed median positive [77] or less negative [73] Bouguer anomaly zones in rift valleys.

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