All Rites Reversed: Ritual Technology for Self Initiation - download pdf or read online

By Antero Alli

ISBN-10: 0941404811

ISBN-13: 9780941404815

All Rites Reversed?! is full of ritual strategies stripped of dogma and imposed trust for potent rite. "When you input Antero Alli's magic circle you develop into one with the 1st Paleolithic shamans dancing to the bear-god. you are going to recognize your self here-now as you might have by no means identified your self before..".

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Room into 5 associated areas so the following dimensions are placed m a lmear cyclic pattern: NO-FORM ... BEING BORN ... LIVING ... DYING. AFTERLIFE... Participants begin in NO-FORM and enter BEING BORN. From here, they traverse into LIVING, and onto DYING. Aft r DYING, they · enter the space designated to AFTERLIFE... and r after walk back to the "Waiting Room" of NO-FORM to be born bin. through as many reincamational cycles as necessary. Watch for ny onn ting currents along the way between lifetimes.

A self-organizing, rational masculine spirit wielding high-focused, creative and discerning powers. Besides projecting the defects of our Shadow onto others, we also tend to project the anima/animus onto whatever external woman/man most closely replicates the feeling/appearance of our inner sourc~ of creativity, or Soul/Spirit. This often occurs during the experience commonly known as Falling In Love (Read Fatal Romantics of CI lAPEL PERILOUS in ANGEL TECH by the author; Falcon Press). Of i I nc rn here is when High-Flying Romance elicits the visceral r p n f b lng Souless & Emotionally Vacant during the absence of The U J V d .

THE TRAVELLER Be 'n BODY GEOGRAPHY. take what~ou need to travel throughout the regIons. 1ve your~elf the attribute of changing form as a way of adapting to the vanous locatIons. PROGRESSIVE ESCAPE Locate contact point with What Is Real. Enter it through the in~ent of Escaping Into Reality. Find its center and pass through to the other s1de. DREAM CHARACTERS Designate a specific area to DREAM. From NO-FORM, enter DREA~ with the intention of developing a character from its ~ssence~. E~olve ~~s until the character comes to complete fruition and d1es.

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