Francisco J. Ayala's Am I a Monkey?: Six Big Questions about Evolution PDF

By Francisco J. Ayala

ISBN-10: 0801899389

ISBN-13: 9780801899386

Regardless of the continuing cultural controversy in the US, evolution is still a cornerstone of technology. during this ebook, Francisco J. Ayala—an evolutionary biologist, member of the nationwide Academy of Sciences, and winner of the nationwide Medal of technological know-how and the Templeton Prize—cuts to the chase in a bold try and tackle, in nontechnical language, six perennial questions on evolution:

• Am I a Monkey?
• Why Is Evolution a Theory?
• what's DNA?
• Do All Scientists settle for Evolution?
• How Did lifestyles Begin?
• Can One think in Evolution and God?

This to-the-point ebook solutions each one of those questions with strength. Ayala's sometimes biting essays refuse to lend credence to disingenuous rules and arguments. He lays out the fundamental technology that underlies evolutionary concept, explains how the method works, and soundly makes the case for why evolution isn't a probability to religion.

Brief, incisive, topical, authoritative, Am I a Monkey? will take you an afternoon to learn and a life-time to ponder.

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