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Collect the paintings of others within the box, write a ebook approximately it, increase it with a number of mathematical appendices, ship it to the editor, and you will get 2 hundred pages+ of thick thought, void of useful curiosity for the layout engineer.

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Let G x, y, z; x 0 , y 0 , z0 represent the Green’s function of the structure, which is the potential at point x, y, z due to a unit charge located at point x 0 , y 0 , z0 in the medium. This Green’s function must also satisfy Poisson’s equation and corresponding boundary conditions of the structure. 3 DESCRIPTIONS OF GREEN’S FUNCTION 41 The solution of Eq. 5 V0 or, upon using Eq. 6 which is exactly the same as the solution obtained by solving Poisson’s equation directly. 2 Solution of the Wave Equation Using Green’s Function We consider again the medium in Fig.

17 The skin depths of good conductors are very small, especially at high frequencies, causing currents to reside near the conductors’ surfaces. This subsequently results in a low conduction loss. 7 POWER FLOW When a wave propagates in a medium, it carries the electric and magnetic fields and power. 18 Note that S is instantaneous power with a unit of watt per square meter (W/m2 ). 19 where HŁ is the complex conjugate of H. 20 where Re Ð stands for the real part of a complex quantity. This power vector not only gives the magnitude of the power flow but also its direction.

That is, Hz D 0 and Ez 6D 0. Hybrid Wave or Mode: This wave is characterized as having both Ez 6D 0 and Hz 6D 0 and, therefore, is a combination of both TE and TM waves. Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Wave or Mode ‡ : The electric and magnetic fields of this wave have only transverse components. Both Ez and Hz are equal to zero. Note that, in general, different modes have different cutoff frequencies or cutoff wave numbers and hence different propagation constants. A rectangular waveguide is a special waveguide that has the same cutoff frequency for the corresponding TEmn and TMmn modes.

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