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The tasks of condo structures. Alsop Architects Chips Aedes Studio Jaclyn Urbanus city Tulou Teeple Architects 6o Richmond Housing Co-Operative Hawkins\Brown Outlook constructions Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger Architects Joekaare Otis Arhitekti 65o flats Bevk Perovic arhitekti Social housing residence blocks Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter Harbor Isle flats DKV Architecten Schutterstoren Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter ApS Jaegersborg Water Tower HVDN architecten Her Kasteel WOHA Tan Quee Lan Suites PPAG architects ZT GmbH Wohnen am Park Kosmos previous city residences LOHA FORMOSA 114o Neutelings Riedijk Architecten Housing Lakeshore region ZAPCO LTD PILE UP AM RHEIN sps-architekten Samer Mosl Passive strength Housing advanced KCAP Architects&Planners Huys Afrika Residential construction Brendeland & Kristoffersen Housing Svartlamoen Trondheim John Wardle Architects QV1 Residential Tower Predock Frane Architects Habitat 15 KANNER ARCHITECTS Metro Hollywood ASIR city Villa within the Bahnhofsvorstadt.

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The largest contained five hundred rooms, stood five stories tall, and were planned in regular D-shaped and rectangular forms (fig. 5). Page 21 4.  600. (Robert Easton) 5.  Sustained building campaign of this and other large, Anasazi villages indicate Highly Organized Socities.  Townsend) Their flat roofs consisted of horizontal log rafters covered (as the pit houses had been) with branches, brush, grass, and earth. The pit house evolved into a fully subterranean chamber known today as a kiva, used primarily for religious and social purposes.

The only source of wealth for the governor and the local elite was the export of sheep, wool, piñon (pine nuts), and Indian slaves to the silver mines. Spanish slave raids brought retaliation from the Apaches, who had gotten the horse from the Spanish by 1650, and from the Comanches, who also had procured guns from the French. These hostilities restricted Spanish settlement to the upper Rio Grande, from Albuquerque north to Taos. 25 Our first clear picture of Santa Fe's town plan comes during this turbulent period, with its population at about fifteen hundred.

4). They first dug a square pit, 12 to 14 feet on a side and 2 or 3 feet deep, then erected a four-post armature, which they covered with branches and grass and finally sealed with earthen plaster. Each house had a fire pit in the middle of the floor and a smoke hole in the roof, which doubled as an entrance. Soon they also built above-ground food storage rooms of stone laid in ample earthen mortar; and about 900, some people began to move into these above-ground structures. 1 The largest, most sophisticated Anasazi villages were built between 1050 and 1300 at Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, 120 miles west and 160 miles northwest of Santa Fe, respectively.

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