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Network routers and firewalls also shape, direct, or block network traffic; these things can have an effect on ARD’s reliability and efficiency. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when setting up ARD on your network: • The more AirPort clients are connected to a base station, the lower the bandwidth for each computer. ” • Bonjour does not extend beyond the local subnet. Bonjour names do not resolve across routers like domain names do. • Networks with switches have fewer collisions and packet errors than networks with hubs.

Configure your AirPort Base Station with a station density of High and increase the multicast rate to 11 Mbps using AirPort Admin Utility. Using the base station density and multicast rate settings limits the range of each AirPort Base Station’s network, requiring client computers to be fewer than 50 meters from a base station. Getting the Best Performance To get the best performance when using the Share Screen, Observe, and Control commands: • Reduce the use of animation on remote computers.

This means greater reliability and speed. • If network traffic will pass through firewalls, make sure you have a large Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) setting (1200 or greater). Too small an MTU setting can result in black screens when sharing or sending screens. • If you are going across a wide-area network (WAN), or metropolitan area network (MAN), make sure that the defrag bit is turned off in your router so packets don't get chunked up. This can result in black screens when sharing or sending screens.

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